Creed’s Codex: Arcane Secrets of the Summoners

A 5E Supplement introducing the brand new summoner class, spells, weapons, armor, feats, and more.

5E Summoning Redesigned From the Ground Up

Combine your creativity, strategy, and imagination with the simple, yet robust summoning point system to play the summoner you always envisioned.

Redesigned to eliminate the constraints with the current rules, no longer hindered by a poorly rolled concentration check, one minute duration, or a general shortage of summoning spells. Bring forth the fifth edition summons!


Spells Ready for Creative Use

  • Improved combat abilities with Aspect of the Demon and Bone Armor
  • ​​Horde devouring spells such as Resentful Spirit
  • ​​​Out of combat utility like Theatrics
  • ​Bring the pain while healing allies with Holy Bolt and Justice
  • ​​Damage over time with Virulent
  • ​​Advanced tactics such as repositioning the battlefield with Avalanche or dragging enemies away with Spectral Bindings

Brand New Gear That Brings Storytelling to the Table

Forearm Blade

Deck out your character with new varieties of equipment. Symbiotic gear that improves over time and adapts to your behavior, the fabled war scythes that reap souls in addition to the lifeblood of your enemies, or the stalwart shields that become energized with each blow they absorb will breath life into any character concept.

Bulwark Shield

Three Summoner Subclasses Support Three Wildly Different Playstyles



Colossus specialists are driven by a passion to bring forth a singular, immense being of power. Whether through research, exploration of the world’s forgotten places of power, or direct combat with the wilds and the creatures that call these dangerous lands their home, colossus summoners focus on finding the strongest specimen they can control.

  • Overwhelming: Colossus summons radiate power, damaging nearby enemies
  • Resilient: Bolster your summon with your life force
  • Mangle: Devastate your enemies with brutal criticals


Convergent recognize the power flowing around them can be amplified if they gently guide, rather than attempt to bind to their will. Convergent summoners forgo the choice of what they will bring forth allowing the environment to dictate what answers their call. This amplification leads to more powerful summons but risks triggering a cataclysmic event.

  • Strength: Convergent summons are more powerful then their peers
  • Chaos: Easily tap into the power of convergence at the cost of control over the magic
  • Stamina: When others run out of energy, you can reach deep to bring forth the power you need


Hivemind masters see the synergy from controlling multiple summons. Where others feel a cacophony of competing information, those truly invested in the hivemind can weave together the threads into a fearsome force. The speed with which they approach and solve problems is an intimidating sight.

  • Horde: Power amplifies the more summons you control
  • Swarm: Overrun your enemies with your pack
  • Redirect: Take control of the battlefield

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