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8/29 – Present

  • Updated Aegis and Spike to use spellcasting ability modifier rather than straight intelligence
  • Cleaned up wording of Denizen’s Earwig
  • Cleaned up wording of Extended Reach
  • Added Scaling for Spook
  • Modified Reapers Fist for heal and damage scaling
  • Modified Enhanced Magic Missile
  • Modified Frost Beam
  • Modified Returning Shield

8/18 – 8/28

  • Updated the Mental Formulation Table to call out ability scores equal to 10
  • Expanded Enlist Logic to all skill checks
  • Clarified wording on constructive criticism
  • Removed the theorem restoration augment
  • Updated creature displacement to an unoccupied space
  • Behemoth augment modified to increase size up to gargantuan, extra hp removed
  • Fixed Martial Convergence to only require level 4
  • Fixed Arcane Convergence to indicate it upcasts.
  • Reworked wording on exotic feat and removed the ability score improvement
  • Added Optional Symbiotic Features
  • Updated creating your own symbiotic equipment section
  • Added bonus action section description
  • Added Harvest Remnants augment
  • reworked shadow level 3 ability
  • modified horrifier level 6 ability
  • Updated aegis and spike to specify spellcasting ability modifier rather than intelligence
  • Updated Exotic feat to have an equipment identification advantage

 7/25 – 8/17

  • Clarified the wording of Stature adaptation
  • Link added for convergence table from point of convergence.
  • Link added for convergence table from feats referencing it
  • Changed the wording of Symbiotic bond to be clearer
  • Modified the text of Nightmare rift to pull all creature types except the summoner and summon. Also took into account the summon having multiple summons.
  • Clarified the aegis of the elders and spike of the ancients references the cantrips of the same name. Also added links to the cantrips.
  • Modified long limbs adaptation allowing for multiple selections of it
  • Modified mental formulations to change their reach
  • Horrifier Living Nightmare ability modified to clearly indicate how the ability works
  • Added a link to the discord into the document:
  • Added a link to the change board into the document:
  • updated living nightmare to be much clearer/more specific
  • Updated Expanded Enhancement to be clearer
  • Added a few clarifying points to Dread Manifest
  • Modified Reality Imagined to be clearer.
  • Expanded Enhancement has been modified to a single summoner point and allies are limited to proficiency bonus.
  • Modified Summon Solar Wings to give a knockback
  • Modified Summon Ancient Dragon Maw to use a saving throw instead of an attack
  • Updated Abscond to clarify movement
  • Updated Kraken ability to be clearer for the archon
  • Updated the kraken ability to give disadvantage or multiple tentacles on the same creature
  • Updated all martial summon abilities to clearly define they last for a single action
  • Swapped level 6 ability to level 3 for hivemind
  • Updated level 6 hivemind ability to be getting more summons to 3 at level 6, 4 at level 14, and 5 at level 18
  • Limited all summoners to a maximum of 2 summoned creatures (except the hivemind)
  • Changed the hivemind level 10 ability to instead be the full number of summons rather than half.
  • Moved Aggressive Adaptation to Epic
  • Clarified relentless adaptation to only trigger once per short rest.
  • Clarified wording in death defiant feat
  • Fixed spelling mistake in Augment Adept
  • Updated proximity adaptation
  • Moved Extra Attack from the Archon to an augment
  • Changed level 6 feature for archon to provide a bonus attack
  • Improved martials at level 10 modifies each of the options now
  • level 17 feature for archon modified
  • modified how summoner obtain new summons
  • Reworked how many summons summoners know
  • Reworked the level 10 evolutionist feature
  • Updated adaptation language to clarify
  • Reworked the convergent features based on the new limitation of summons
  • Reworked the level 10 archon feature

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