About Us

We are a small studio aimed at providing ultra high quality 5E content for your tabletop roleplaying game.

The Missing Piece

The fifth edition ruleset is extensive and full of great mechanics, but sometimes it just needs a little help to truly shine. We are proud to provide those pieces.

Highest Caliber Art

There are some amazing artists out there, and we aim to work with the best to bring you amazing illustrations, tokens, and potentially even tapestries. Yes, TAPESTRIES.


We Love Feedback

Have a question on a game mechanic? Looking for a sweet class to play and nothing is quite hitting your vision? Send us a message and we’ll see what magic we can create.

Brendan Jonesrebandt

Brendan Jonesrebandt


Brendan is a man of many talents, interest, and pursuits. One of them happens to be Dungeons and Dragons. Having been a DM, player, and content creator for 20+ years, Brendan decided to start Knight Vision Creative questing for that secret sauce that turns good games into great ones.

What Our Customers Say

Trevor S.

I am absolutely loving the concept, and this is the kind of summoner class I’ve been looking for but never have found. 10/10

Zach B.

“That’s pretty damn epic.”

Paul R.

“I really like that! Feels very much like the tying of summons to the character is captured pretty well. Good stuff.”